What do to if an airline damages your luggage

7 on Your Side's Michael Finney has a Quick Tip for you that will help you get a refund for bags damaged in flight!

What happens when your luggage makes it to the baggage claim... but it's been damaged in flight?

I'm Michael Finney, and this is a Seven on Your Side quick tip!

Most people don't know it, but your airline has to pay you for the damage to your bags. Now, not minor scratches or even a little dent or a rip that doesn't go all the way through. But if your hard-sided bag has been cracked or if your zipper is ripped off, then the airline needs to come through for you.

All you need to do is go into their office and file a claim. Now, this is a fairly new law -- a lot of passengers don't know about it, so tell your friends!
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