Hitch a Ride on the Love Trolley!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
This trolley gets tricked out for Valentine's Day, Halloween and X-mas
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On this Valentine's Day-themed trolley, you can hitch a ride or get hitched. The fun doesn't end in February; it's also available for Halloween and Christmas!

Two levels underground 13th and Market Street in Center City Philadelphia, trolleys speed through every few minutes.

It is difficult to distinguish one from the other until you see Gary Mason's trolley.

In the spirit of "Brotherly Love" and Valentine's Day, Mason tricked out his trolley with hearts, lights, and flowers galore.

It's something he's done since 1993, but his display has grown tremendously since then.

The rose-tinted ambiance is blended with a nostalgic mix of oldies and love songs that Mason shuffles through on his iPod Nano. Morning commuters can look for Mason's sweet ride around Valentine's Day, but he also decorates it for Halloween and Christmas.