Major construction project underway on San Francisco's Van Ness Ave

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's the first Monday that drivers are dealing with construction on San Francisco's Van Ness Avenue that will not last days, not months, but years.

Signs that say no left turn greeted drivers. There are a lot of them on Van Ness and they'll be there for the next three years.

Drivers will not be able to turn left off of Van Ness, except at Lombard if you are northbound or Broadway if you are southbound.

You can also turn left at Hayes if you are northbound but that is only for the next six months.

Commuters will need to think about leaving earlier to work around this new situation.

SFMTA's plan is to dedicate the center lanes to buses and reduce the lanes for cars from three to two.

Transportation authorities think this will save everyone about 15 minutes.

While the street is torn up, officials will go ahead and replace the sewer lines too. They are 150 years old so they are going to be doing some multitasking.

There's no equipment out on the road yet, just no left turn signs, but that will be a huge chance for people to adjust to Monday morning.
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