Walnut Creek police release body cam footage from fatal encounter, family files wrongful death claim

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Newly released body camera video shows the fatal encounter between Walnut Creek police officers and a man.

Miles Hall, 23, was shot and killed on June 2, after police say he charged at them with a pry bar that was more than four feet long.

Multiple 911 calls came in before the encounter, including ones from Hall's grandmother and his mother.

"I'm telling you now he's going to be aggressive to the police," Hall's mother told the dispatcher.

Five officers responded to the neighborhood. They said Hall ignored commands to drop the metal bar, and ran toward officers.

One officer fired bean bag rounds, but Hall continued to run. Two officers fired their weapons and Hall fell to the ground.

The Hall family has filed a wrongful death claim against the police department.

The family's attorney, John Burris, says the video released by police shows Hall running alongside officers, trying to get away.

"You don't get to shoot somebody down unless that person has committed a deadly offense or a serious felony," Burris said.

The department said it is aware of questions regarding the involved officers' training on managing incidents involving people with mental illness in crisis. Four of the five officers involved received crisis intervention training within the past year.

The Hall family attorneys are questioning the officers' training.

"If you know a person is mentally impaired, which everyone had reason to believe, then the last thing you do is to shout and scream orders because that would only aggravate the situation," Burris said.

Police said the contact with Hall happened rapidly and did not allow for an opportunity for dialogue before he presented a threat to officers.

The investigation is still active. The department says it will not be releasing additional information until the completion of the Coroner's Inquest, or as required by California state law.
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