Rising waters and wind worry North Bay residents ahead of storm

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Wind and rising water levels are worrying many residents and business owners in the North Bay.

STORMWATCH: Sandbag locations in the Bay Area

This is the first time in years that Aaron Singer is tying down and grounding his fleet of sea planes. With the upcoming storms he's not taking any chances. "We have to figure out how to get them latched down and protected," Singer said. "Get the planes off the docks because it puts a lot of strain on the docks."

The Bay Area's last major storm caused dock damage and a plane to break loose.

Just a few feet away, at Commodore Marina, houseboat owners are ready. They've balanced and tightened lines, checked roofs and pilings.

"You can get all the rain in the world you want, but if you have wind and high tide, these boats, these 100 ton boats start moving around pretty dangerously," said houseboat owner Ernie Hubbard.

In nearby San Anselmo, all eyes are on the San Anselmo Creek. Those downtown don't want a repeat of destructive floods of December. Flood horns sounded and police evacuated the streets. The creek rose quickly and was just a foot from leaving its banks.

"We were watching it rise and go higher and higher and higher in our backyard," said San Anselmo resident Debbie McDonald. "It was pretty scary."

Many North Bay cities have put out sandbags and they're ready to use.

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