Sausalito residents concerned about incoming storm in wake of mudslide

SAUSALITO, Calif. (KGO) -- Raindrops.

A muddy slope.

A history.

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That is not a good combination in Sausalito this week.

"I think we are all worried," said Sausalito spokesman Abbot Chambers about the slide zone with no room to move and nowhere to go except downhill into more trouble.

"This is much bigger than anyone realized or expected. It just is," said Susan Gordon, who had been sleeping in a duplex taken by the slide on Valentine's Day morning. That Susan survived is a miracle. Now: "My purpose in life is protecting this town and hillside....I think it is that serious."

Susan watched Monday morning as the National Park Service began putting tarps up above and trimming trees.

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"It was two uprooted and a third and they were afraid they were going to fall," said Mauro Gaspa, who works for Marin County Arborists.

This is storm prep, with no holding back. Sausalito plans to watch this slide zone closely, and wants residents to do the same. It's all part of trying to stay ahead of another muddy, disaster on a hillside that has already renewed a bad reputation.

"I think everyone is concerned. We just don't know where a mudslide is going to take place," said Abbot.

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