What are severe weather fears?

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One in 10 Americans suffers from a severe weather fear. (AccuWeather)

It's natural to get a bit scared during thunder and snowstorms. But one in 10 Americans suffers from a "severe weather fear."

"These fears cause a lot of anxiety and feelings of helplessness," according to AccuWeather. Some severe weather fears include astraphobia, the fear of thunderstorms. Not surprisingly, this fear also applies to animals too. People and pets can spend time with others to cope during thunderstorms.

Another severe weather fear is chionophobia, the fear of snow. "Fear of snow often comes from a traumatic snow-related incident in one's past," says AccuWeather. "People are fearful of becoming trapped and then thus not going outside."

More severe weather fears include homichlophobia, the fear of fog, nyctophobia, the fear of night, and lilapsophobia, the fear of tornadoes or hurricanes.
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