'Healed in body and mind': Warriors' Klay Thompson says jumping in Pacific Ocean was successful pregame ritual

LOS ANGELES (KGO) -- Klay Thompson had an outstanding shooting night in the Warriors win over the Los Angeles Clippers, but what he said after the game was almost as amazing as his performance.

Thompson started the game 7/7 and had 17 points in the first quarter.

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He went on to finish with 32 points and joined Stephen Curry as the only two players in franchise history to score 2,000 points in the playoffs.

On ABC7's "After the Game," Mindi Bach interviewed a sunglasses-wearing Thompson live and asked how he got into the zone so quickly.

"Just had good rhythm," he started. Then, after brief pause, he pivoted into telling us what was really going on.

"Actually yesterday, you know when I don't have a game that I think is of my standards I try and do something different. So yesterday I went and jumped in the Pacific Ocean. It was cold but it was worth it."

"It waked me up and healed in body and mind so I think it worked and it paid off for today."

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Keep in mind, this game was in Los Angeles. Would he do this in the much colder waters of the Bay Area coast?

Thompson pondered for a moment on live TV and after answering a few other questions returned to the subject with a final verdict.

"Pacifica Beach or Muir Beach I'm coming for you. Livestream it or something."

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