Berkeley police identify suspect in fatal hit-and-run, say he's 'armed and dangerous'

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The search continues for 29-year-old vehicular manslaughter suspect Alexander McGee of Oakland.

On Friday night, officers attempted to arrest the suspect in a location in Oakland.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Fatal Berkeley hit-and-run started with attack on another woman; police search for suspect

Berkeley PD Officer Bryon White said McGee "was able to elude capture" and added, "We consider the suspect armed and dangerous."

Officer White confirmed officers recovered the vehicle used in the fatal hit-and-run.

On Monday at 10:30 a.m., a UC Berkeley police officer saw McGee punch a woman in the head in a parked vehicle on Sixth Street. When the officer approached the vehicle, he said McGee made a U-turn while the woman inside the vehicle screamed for help.

After making a wide left on University Avenue, police say the suspect drove onto the sidewalk and killed a woman that was sleeping on the sidewalk.

Berkeley police confirmed the woman was homeless.

Candles and flowers were left on the sidewalk to remember the 58-year-old victim. Nicole Williams lives in the area and says she had seen the transient woman and was planning to help her two days prior to the incident.

"I thought 'why is she laying there? She should be more inland in an area that is covered,' but I guess I was too late," said Williams.

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McGee has several warrants for his arrest from multiple police departments in the Bay Area.

"Warrant for vehicular manslaughter for fatal hit-and-run causing injury or death. Domestic violence and probation violation and, in addition to that, he has outstanding warrants from the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department for felony evading and for burglary," said Officer White.

As to the woman inside the vehicle screaming for help, the police did not give specifics about her.

"Victim of domestic violence... it could also be something else like human trafficking as well. We know that this was a violent assault," said Officer White.

BPD asks anyone with information about McGee's whereabouts to call 911.
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