Youth baseball team forced to drop out of tournament over vaccine requirement

Parents say it costs $4,000 to cancel the Cooperstown Dreams Park Baseball Tournament.

ByJaclyn Lee WPVI logo
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Youth baseball team forced to cancel tournament over vaccine requirement
A Chester County youth baseball team is being forced to drop out of a baseball tournament over a new COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

WEST BRADFORD TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania -- A youth baseball team from Pennsylvania finds itself disappointed after a tournament implemented the requirement that players 12 years old and older must receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Steven Kaminsky, 12, and his teammates have been preparing to go to the Cooperstown Dreams Park Baseball Tournament, which takes place in Cooperstown, New York, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. In order to go, they say they've been practicing and fundraising for the last two years.

"We've been practicing so hard. We just can't wait for it, and we've been talking about it for a long time. It's like a dream," said Steven.

They say they were incredibly disappointed when the tournament suddenly released a new requirement last Tuesday. A press release stated, "All participants, coaches and campers 12 years and older must be immunized. Immunization requirements: COVID-19."

"To me, it's crazy that they didn't just settle for negative tests," said parent Brandon McLean.

But right now, there is no coronavirus vaccine approved for children under the age of 16.

"I'm angry," said Steven's mother, Amy Kaminsky. "I'm disappointed, I'm really disappointed in the people that run this tournament."

Amy said the total cost of the tournament is $20,000. She said by canceling, the team had to forfeit $4,000, all of which is fundraised by the kids. If they don't cancel, and can't get vaccinated in time, they'll lose the full $20,000.

"My husband sent an email. We've called a couple times. We haven't gotten really any great responses back," said Amy. "We did get one generic email saying to reach out to your team contact - who happens to be my husband - for clarification. It's hard to get through."

The ABC affiliate in Philadelphia reached out to the Cooperstown Dreams Park organization multiple times over the phone and through email, but has not received any response.

"Everything we worked for is gone," said Steven.