College Admissions Scandal: Hillsborough parents plead guilty

BOSTON (KGO) -- Bruce and Davina Isackson of Hillsborough have pleaded guilty in Boston federal court to conspiracy charges connected to the college cheating scam. They are the first parents charged to formally do so.

The Isacksons paid Rick Singer $600,000 to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme and college recruitment scheme. Their daughter Lauren was a purported UCLA soccer recruit.

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Before the plea, the Isacksons signed a cooperation agreement with the government in the scandal. The individual agreements are dated April 3 and were signed by each Isackson Sunday, April 7.

According to the agreement, the Isacksons agree to cooperate fully with law enforcement agents and government attorneys, providing complete and truthful information to all law enforcement personnel.

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In a statement, the Isacksons wrote:

"No words can express how profoundly sorry we are for what we have done. Our duty as parents was to set a good example for our children and instead we have harmed and embarrassed them by our misguided decisions. We have also let down our family, friends, colleagues and our entire community. We have worked cooperatively with the prosecutors and will continue to do so as we take full responsibility for our bad judgment."

Actress Felicity Huffman is due to follow suit on May 13.

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