Coronavirus concerns: South Bay Costco sells out of water, Clorox wipes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- South Bay residents are taking in the news of now a fourth confirmed case of novel coronavirus in Santa Clara County seriously and stocking up on water and supplies.

The Costco in Mountain View ran out of water and Clorox wipes.

Grant Garmsey is an employee at this location. He said when they opened Saturday, there was a crowd of about 850 people. He said they usually see 400 around Christmas time.

"Yeah, this is double Christmas time. I feel like this is a little overdoing it for now," Garmsey said.

One Costco employee said they rarely run out of water, and if they do, it's when it's hot during the summer.

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Mountain View resident Eric Liu and his son were part of those shoppers stocking up. "We just try to get dry food and a lot of frozen food so we can be ready. I think there's some news coming that we need to stay away, you know stay home and things like that. We were going to get a lot of meat which is all gone, and bread- they're all gone, so we started getting frozen waffles," Liu said.

One shopper who did not want to be on camera told ABC7 News she was on her second trip to Costco that day.

Palo Alto resident Vittorio Fossadi just came to shop for regular items he needed and doesn't understand what all the worry is about. "I don't understand it because it's not an Earthquake. Manufacturers are still going to have chicken coming out and eggs coming out," Fossadi said.

Employees at the Costco in Mountain View said they'll restock their water supply sometime on Sunday.

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