Coronavirus: SF opens child care centers for low-income families, healthcare workers during COVID-19 crisis

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Today the City of San Francisco began operating public libraries and recreation facilities as emergency child care centers.

This service is only available for kids of health care workers, San Francisco based hospital workers and low-income families on the Recreation & Parks Management Scholarship list.

"We're providing emergency child care for people on the front lines of responding to COVID-19, as well as low income families who are part of our scholarship program," said Sarah Madland, spokesperson for San Francisco Recreation and Parks.

Students are divided based on age.

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"Recreation and Parks department is taking care of kids kindergarten through 5th grade. At facilities like this one and the library is taking care of six graders and up. Providing homework help and academic support," said Madland.

The emergency child care centers are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. while parents are at work. Free breakfast and lunch is included for students.

"We know that we had to step up. We know that this is a crisis and the whole point of our jobs is to help people. So we're doing it willingly and we hope this is short term," said Robert Carlson, branch manager at the Presidio Library.

Even though San Francisco libraries and recreation centers are closed to the public, Madland says they are considering this program for other families.

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"We're trying to figure out how many people are utilizing this service. What other folks are in need. We will make adjustments as necessary," said Madland.

There are 37 recreation center and 28 libraries providing this service for the next three weeks.

You can go to their website here for more details on this program.

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