WATCH: Solo Southwest Airlines passenger grooves out on empty Oakland flight with TikTok #ComeAroundMeChallenge

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It is the little bit of joy that everyone needs right now, all thanks to one man's creativity and a solo Southwest Airlines flight.

Seth Thomas is the man that turned his empty cabin into a dance floor, with members of the flight crew joining in.

It all started when Thomas found out he would be the only passenger aboard his flight, traveling from Los Angeles to Oakland on Wednesday.

Thomas decided to persuade the flight crew to make a video to post on his TikTok profile, doing the #ComeAroundMeChallenge, which has kicked off to get people dancing to Justin Beiber's recent hit song, "Come Around Me"

Speaking to Storyful, Thomas says the crew members were "all in" on recording the pre-flight dance with him.

"They were great. They made this trip amazing for me," Thomas added.
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