'Wonka' experience in Glasgow ends in chaos, police called over AI-generated advertisements

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Friday, March 1, 2024
'Wonka' experience ends in chaos, police called over AI-generated ads
An immersive event in Scotland ended in chaos after outraged parents were promised a 'Wonka' movie experience, but got an almost empty warehouse.

GLASGOW, Scotland -- An immersive "Wonka" experience ended with crying children and police being called in Scotland.

"The Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience" advertised AI-generated images of a candy wonderland, which was the image that parents were expecting when they purchased $45 tickets to the event.

Instead of chocolate fountains and candy gardens, they got an almost empty warehouse.

Images of the event have circulated online showing a few tables, scattered candy props, a half-inflated bouncy castle and sad looking oompa-loompas.

The event organizer, House of Illuminati, is under fire for false advertising.

Despite their promise of a variety of candies and treats being provided, attendees were surprised to find that the "chocolate experience" didn't include any chocolate at all.

One parent told ABC his children were only given a jellybean and a half cup of lemonade.

The actors hired to participate in the event claim they were also duped by the event coordinators.

Paul Connell, the actor hired to play Willy Wonka, told ABC about his experience, "I was very excited. And then I received the script."

"The reaction to the event itself, understandably, people are outraged. Kids were really let down and like, that's that's not okay," he said.

The chocolate experience was shut down mid-day after backlash from guests.