Consumer Catch-up: Carmakers adding rear seat alerts, paper product costs rising, MoviePass making changes

Nissan, Hyundai adding rear seat alerts

Two major car manufacturers are adding rear seat alerts to keep parents from leaving children in hot cars.

Nissan will make its "Rear Door Alert" feature standard.

When the car is turned off, it will send out a series of honks to remind drivers to check the back.

Nissan says the alert will be available in all cars by 2020.

Hyundai's technology is already available in its new 2019 Santa Fe SUVs.

Its "Rear Occupant Alert" option has a two-step system. It reminds drivers that a rear door was opened before starting a trip, and the vehicle will also monitor the rear seat for movement after the car is parked and all doors locked.

Consumer Reports tested out both options. You can see the Nissan tests here, and the Hyundai tests here.

Household paper product prices going up

You may soon be paying a bit more for standard household brands like Charmin and Bounty.

Procter and Gamble announced it will be raising prices on some of its products.

The news comes after P&G reported disappointing sales.

P&G says prices for paper products like Pampers, Charmin, Bounty, and Puffs will rise four to five percent.

MoviePass raising prices, cutting some options

MoviePass is making some big changes to stay afloat.

The company lets subscribers see one movie per day in the theater.

MoviePass says that subscription will now cost $14.95 a month, up from about $10.

The change will go into effect within the next month.

The company is also limiting the movies you can see - impacting some major releases during the first two weeks they're in theaters.

Big movies may be made available through promotions.

MoviePass borrowed five million dollars last week to pay for tickets.

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