'We need our leaders': San Francisco protesters call for immediate aid to Afghanistan

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Protesters gathered at Union Square in San Francisco Sunday to demand immediate relief for Afghanistan.

"We have brothers and sisters in Afghanistan saying why is no one hearing our cries our screams," said Zuhal Bahuari, the protest organizer.

The protest was one of several happening around the United States. The group wanted to press the U.S. government and other nations to provide humanitarian relief to those in Afghanistan who were not able to evacuate when the Taliban seized control of the nation.

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"The Taliban are recognized as a terrorist organization worldwide," said Roya Massoumi, one of the protestors. "Humanitarian aid can't get in, its blocked. We need our leaders, and American people to push our leaders, to try and find whatever way we can to get aid to the country."

Some of the work is already being done locally. Santa Clara County hopes to approve more funds to help refugees coming to the Bay Area. The group at Sunday's protest want it to expand. They don't want the world to turn it's back on Afghanistan.

"They just want to live freely," said Bahauri. "We need to put our support behind them and say we are here for you."

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