Flemish giant therapy rabbit steals hearts during San Francisco Giants game

"Everybody was cheering for him, people in the other stands were saying 'show us the bunny!'"
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Flemish Giant rabbit named Alex stole the spotlight during Thursday night's San Francisco Giants game, capturing the attention of the camera crew and the commentators.

"Now that's a first. If I didn't know any better I'd think that bunny was fake," the announcer says during the broadcast over the image of a rabbit asleep in the arms of a woman, Kei Kato, in the stands.

Kato says her phone then blew up with texts and calls from people saying they saw them. The attention continued Friday morning.

"They were sending us links saying we were on CNN, Sports Center and then Good Morning America this morning I heard," Kato told us Friday morning when we caught up with her to ask about all the attention.

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"I'm really shy, I'm a little bit nervous, like, really shaky, because like we weren't expecting it. I mean I brought the rabbit, just because I had a very long day," Kato said.

She got the rabbit to help her deal with the stress of health issues and job loss during the pandemic. After about 15 minutes of questioning at the security gate, Kato says he was eventually allowed into the game because he is a therapy bunny. Once inside, Alex stole the spotlight from the other Giants in the ballpark.

He definitely stole the spotlight from the other Giants in the stadium.

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"Everybody was cheering for him, people in the other stands were saying 'show us the bunny!' So we would hold him up and then he got tired and fell asleep throughout the game," Kato said referring to her and her boyfriend.

She takes Alex almost everywhere with her, except to her job managing a vaccine clinic. He even has his own Instagram account. She says he has brought her great comfort.

"All that stress, all that craziness, it is just gone," she said.

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When Alex isn't cheering on the Giants or comforting his owner, he is busy making appearances in the community.

"He is an ambassador for the Lions International Club. We volunteer, we gave out food for the Salvation Army. We pass out to the senior citizens- they all love him. Every time they open the door it's like, Oh, he's just made my day!"

On Friday, Kato was busy answering calls, requesting interviews with her and Alex. She also received a call from the Warriors about possibly having Alex now come to one of their games.
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