Bill Clinton campaigns in California

February 4, 2008 10:24:14 PM PST
The new ground Obama has made in California means nothing is being taken for granted by both Democratic camps.

That's why former President Clinton was back in San Francisco for a rally on Monday night at the Ferry Building.

He participated at a town hall meeting Hillary Clinton held for the Hallmark Channel.

While Senator Hillary Clinton can't be two places at once, she is doubling her campaign efforts with her husband Bill Clinton.

Bill started in Santa Ana on Monday morning and is ending in San Francisco ? a total of four stops in one day, with Sacramento and Stockton in between.

Bill Clinton arrived in Stockton -- a place at the epicenter of the mortgage meltdown. He quickly addressed the importance of Tuesday's high stakes vote in California.

"This is a profoundly important election people in this part of ht country know it we are facing a staggering economic challenges," said former President Bill Clinton.

At one point, Senator Hillary Clinton had a double-digit lead in California ? that's no more. Now her husband is part of a grueling race to re capture an edge.

"We are proud -- a woman is going to be running our country. We are ready for change," said Clinton supporter Frances Hernandez.

"It was amazing Bill is a great public speaker. He did his job. I'm persuaded and I'm voting for Hillary tomorrow," said student Cesar Luna.

Senator Barack Obama's spouse is also campaigning hard. On Sunday, she was on stage in Los Angeles with Oprah Winfrey and California's First Lady Maria Shriver.

On Monday morning, Michelle Obama was on Good Morning America.

"I think our goal is to make sure the person in the White House is going to take this country in a different direction I happen to think that Barack is the only person that can really do that," said Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama.

The battle for high profile endorsements is almost as dramatic as the polls which show Clinton and Obama in a virtual dead heat in California.

At a rally earlier on Monday in Sacramento, the former president threw out a couple of names standing with his wife.

"When Robert Kennedy Jr., one of America's highly regarded environmentalists and the grandson of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, one of the founders of the Farm workers Union, they endorse Hillary for president because they know she cares about all Americans," said Bill Clinton.

With Obama's appeal to young voters and African Americans, the Clinton camp knows it no longer has a lock on the woman vote.

ABC7's Karina Rusk: "Are you going to vote for Hillary?"

"I don't know I still have to check out the Web site and I really have a lot more to do," said student Devon Blount.

Most political voters say those undecided voters will be key in determining a winner in California, as well as which campaign gets their supporters to the polls.