Man leads police on wild chase around Antioch

Wednesday night police finally caught a man who led them on a wild car chase as he drove around Antioch with the rims sparking.
December 11, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Wednesday night there was an intense police chase. There were lights, sirens, and sparks spewing from a speeding car trying to get away from police in a chase that ended on Longview Road in Antioch. Members of the Richmond Police Department gang unit and parole officers were in Antioch searching for a suspect. It is not known exactly why they were searching for the suspect, but they did get their man after a high speed chase that lasted more than half an hour.

The chase made several loops around Longview Road in Antioch. It was a weird holiday spectacle for neighbors.

"It was unreal, it was exciting, they just kept going around in a circle, and you could hear it. First a copter would come, then you could hear the tires, cause you could hear the scchhhhhhh... and the sparks flying and you'd drive by and then like 15 minutes later all of a sudden here, he came by again," said Todd Beck, an Antioch resident.

Each pass neighbors say it seemed as if another tire was gone.

"Scratching up the street pretty good, then the next time he come by the same way and the last time he stopped right in front of my house," said Al Rudkin, an Antioch resident.

The Richmond Police Department gang unit and other officers chased the subject on foot, but it was a dog that brought him down.

"He got out and took off running and he made it to that driveway over there and a dog took him down. The police were all over him and there was cops everywhere," said Beck.

The suspect was treated at the scene and then taken away in an ambulance.