CHP arrest East Bay biker from group who taunted officer

ByChris Nguyen via KGO logo
Friday, October 31, 2014
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CHP arrested the man who made the YouTube video showing bikers performing stunts and taunting a CHP officer on I-680 from earlier this month.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It looked like a scene out of a major motion picture - motorcyclists doing stunts at high speeds on along I-680 through Milpitas earlier this month, all while taunting a CHP officer trying to pull them over.

One of the bikers has now been arrested.

Captured on camera and posted on YouTube on October 11, a lone CHP officer comes up against a group of about 50 bikers.

VIDEO: Bikers post video of their stunts and CHP taunts

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"Once the officer figured out he was outnumbered and that this group had absolutely no regard for the law, he made a tactical retreat," explained CHP Capt. Les Bishop.

But on Thursday morning, the CHP announced the arrest of 32-year-old Guruardas Singh Khalsa of Brentwood. Investigators believe he was the one behind the camera.

Khalsa was booked on charges of conspiracy and accessory after the fact and committing a felony for evading an officer. He has been bailed out of jail.

Some Motorcyclist Mike Villanueva said these incidents cast a bad light over all riders on the road. "There's a time and place for everything, but don't put innocent people at risk, just because you're out there wanting to have some fun," he said.

Captain Bishop added, "They didn't just evade that officer that day, they evaded the California Highway Patrol. And we utilized all of California Highway Patrol's resources to ensure that we took this gentleman into custody."