These Bay Area cities, counties received CA homeless encampment cleanup grant funding

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Friday, April 19, 2024
These Bay Area cities, counties received CA encampment cleanup funding
Governor Gavin Newsom is stepping up his commitment to clean up homeless encampments here in the Bay Area and across the state.

SACRAMENTO (KGO) -- Gov. Gavin Newsom is stepping up his commitment to clean up homeless encampments here in the Bay Area and across the state.

Nearly $200 million is being being allocated for the job.

"I care about this state," Newsom said. "I care about our reputation. I care that people can't afford to live here, can't afford to raise their family here. I care that people visit here and go, 'What the hell is going on here with the encampments and what's going on on the streets and sidewalks?'"

Newsom says he is fed up with the state's response to the homelessness crisis -- or make that, the lack of response.

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Highways, parks, sidewalks -- all covered by encampments with too few places for the unhoused to go.

Newsom says he is now investing millions more to get more done.

"People want to see these tents and encampments removed, but they want to see them removed in a compassionate and thoughtful way," Newsom said. "And we agree. So, this is a program that I think aligns with that and certainly a program that builds on success."

The encampment resolution fund has given out three quarters of a billion dollars to address the underlying issues that lead to encampments.

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Now, another $192 million will permanently house 2,200 people in 17 cities and counties.

In the Bay Area:

  • Marin county received just over $18 million.
  • San Mateo County received $14 million.
  • Oakland received $7 million.
  • City of Santa Cruz received $4 million.

"This grant here that we receive today is expected to serve hundreds of our most complex, unsheltered individuals living across 26 encampment," said San Mateo County CEO Mike Callagy.

Callagy says the grant will build upon their existing homeless outreach and HomeKey programs.

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"Anyone who doubts HomeKey, I want you to come to San Mateo County," Callagy said. "I want you to see the 600 people we've housed. And this grant that we're receiving today is going to augment those efforts."

To receive funding from the grant, organizations must undergo a specific analysis by the state to ensure positive outcomes.

This comes after a state audit found California has not done enough to assess the effectiveness of homeless programs.

Newsom wants to see this program make a difference.

"It's cleaning up these encampments," Newsom said. "It's cleaning up these sidewalks and taking the sidewalks back. It's cleaning them up permanently by not just pushing things from one part of town to the other part of town."

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