Drizzle on the way to Bay Area this weekend with chance of thunderstorms in higher elevations

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Friday, May 14, 2021
Drizzle, chance of showers in Bay Area this weekend
"We want the rain, but we don't want the dry lightening that could spark a wildfire," says meteorologist Mike Nicco.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Get ready for a clammy start to the weekend, Bay Area!

"For most of us it's drizzle, but up in Lake, Mendocino and northern Sonoma counties -- we are going to be watching for the possibility of dry thunderstorms and that means lightening that could reach the ground," said ABC7 News meteorologist Mike Nicco.

"Right now the biggest issue is for Mount Shasta and eastward, that's where the Red Flag Warning is for Friday."

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Future Radar shows drizzle along the coast Friday before it spreads as we head towards the overnight hours.

Saturday we will wake up to damp, clammy weather, with temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s.

"Drizzle and mist will be hanging in the air," said Nicco. "Then, we will turn our attention up to high country where an area of low pressure will start sending these thunderstorms our way."

Nicco expects the thunderstorms will fall apart before they arrive to the Bay Area.

"At least, we hope so because we want the rain, but we don't want the dry lightening that could spark a wildifre" said Nicco.

The East Bay and South Bay could experience a rogue shower Sunday morning.

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"But I think the biggest issue will be the chance of thunderstorms up in the high country. If you are heading that way -- be careful," warned Nicco. "Remember, if thunder roars, go indoors for at least 30 minutes. Fires could start at a much faster clip up in high country. As far as the precipitation? We could get up to one-tenth of an inch of rain."