VIDEO: See clips from some of the world's oldest movies restored for London film festival

LONDON (KGO) -- Some of the world's oldest movies have been restored to four times their regular size to debut at an IMAX theater for the British Film Institute's annual London festival.

The cinematic treasures are around 120 years old, dating back to the U.K.'s Victorian era.

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They're the work of W.K.L. Dickson, a protégé of inventor Thomas Edison.

The BFI's National Archive carefully restored the delicate films to digital media. Curator Bryony Dixon said it was a painstaking process.

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"It's kinda crazy, isn't it, 120-year-old films in an IMAX? But as a one-off spectacle, very much in keeping with how Dickson would have done it himself, I think," Dixon said. "It's a joy."

An orchestra accompanied "The Great Victorian Moving Picture Show" at its London premiere.
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