Consumer Catch-up: Facebook petition, Tesla Model 3 issues, Alaska Airlines ditching straws

Advocacy groups petition FTC against Facebook

Several advocacy groups jointly filed a petition today, trying to break up what they call Facebook's monopoly.

The effort, called Freedom from Facebook, says its goal is to convince the Federal Trade Commission to become involved.

The petition's website says the FTC should spin off Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, which are all services owned by Facebook, Inc.

The groups also say that Facebook has amassed too much power and influence over people's lives, and spends millions of dollars to make sure the company can keep growing.

Participants in the effort include Citizens Against Monopoly, Content Creators Coalition, Demand Progress, Jewish Voice for Peace, MoveOn, MPower Change, Open Markets Institute, and SumOfUs.

Consumer Reports does not recommend Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports today says it does not recommend the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

The organization noted the Model 3's battery range and handling, but pointed out shortcomings with braking, controls, and ride quality.

Consumer Reports says the vehicle's stopping range is far worse than other cars tested, even longer than that of a Ford F-150. They also point out that using any controls on the car's center touch screen require multiple steps - even changing direction of airflow from the vents.

As for ride quality, testing found that the Model 3's rear seat was not supportive, and wind noise became very loud when traveling at highway speeds.

On a positive note, the report mentions the Model 3 made it as much as 350 miles on a single charge - a record in testing.

Alaska Airlines nixing plastic straws

Alaska Airlines says it is ditching plastic straws in favor of wood stirring sticks.

The announcement comes after a request from 16-year old Central California native Shelby O'Neil. Alaska says they received a request from O'Neil on behalf of Jr Ocean Guardians - a project O'Neil started for the Girl Scouts. The project's goal is to help save oceans and marine life, and a big focus is on reducing the use of plastic straws.

Alaska says O'Neil asked them to get rid of single-use plastic straws, a project already in the works behind-the-scenes at the company.

The airline pledged to replace plastic straws and citrus picks "with sustainable, marine-friendly alternatives" on all flights and in Alaska lounges starting this summer. Alaska says they used 22 million of the plastic utensils last year alone.

Alaska will also swap out juice boxes for aluminum cans.

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