7 cops facing charges in Bay Area police sex scandal case

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- An investigation into a police sex scandal is coming to a head with seven Bay Area police officers about to be charged.

Some of these charges that will be filed are felony charges, which could bring up to three years or prison time with a conviction.

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"We uphold the rights of victims at the highest level," Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said.

O'Malley announced seven cops, linked to the sexual exploitation of the woman known as Celeste Guap, will be charged.

Investigators spent months going through text messages, photos and Instagram posts. This case is tricky because the DA here can only charge for crimes that happened within the county and she says there's evidence that some officers had sexual contact with the victim in other parts of the Bay Area.

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Five are tied to the Oakland Police Department - Officer Brian Bunton for felony obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution, Officer Warit Uttapa for searching official data without permission, Officer Giovanni Loverde for felony oral copulation with a minor, resigned Officer Tyrell Smith, who is charged with making searches without permission, and retired Sergeant Leroy Johnson for failing to report sexual misconduct against a minor.

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In a statement, the union's president Barry Donelan says, "The actions of a few are disappointing but I want to remind the residents of Oakland that the overwhelming majority of Oakland police officers are out there working hard for our community."

Also being charged is Ricardo Perez of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office and Dan Black of Livermore PD. Both have resigned.

O'Malley says they are now focused on getting Guap, whom she calls Ms. A, back home.

She was recently arrested for battery at a rehab facility in Florida, where she claims Richmond police sent her to get treatment.

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"We took no part in moving Ms. A to Florida. We were not consulted. We were not informed, and we protested once we learned she had been moved," O'Malley said.

She stresses Ms. A is a victim and a key witness. Guap has admitted to having sexual contact with officers all over the Bay Area, including when she was underage.

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