Cellphone video captures bloody fight between Concord student, teacher

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A fight that left a Mt. Diablo High School teacher with blood coming down his face was caught on camera.

It happened Wednesday inside the school locker room.

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The student is suspended and could face expulsion. The teacher is on administrative leave and the fight itself is the talk of the school. "I saw the one dude punching the teacher and he was bleeding," student Ramon Vargas said.

What Ramon saw on the cellphone video was the talk of Mt. Diablo High School on Thursday, which shows a 15-year-old student pummeling a gym teacher inside the school gymnasium. He even draws blood from a cut over the teacher's left eye. In the video, the teacher appears to fight defensively, pushing the teenager away rather than punching back. "The teacher did a good job with getting that student to the ground and kind of just detaining him and keeping his composure down there until he got more people to help him out," Concord Police Department Cpl. Chris Blakely said.

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Police said the student walked into gym class in his street clothes and was told he didn't belong there and should leave. Harsh words were exchanged and that's when the fight began.

We're blurring the students face and withholding his name because he is a minor. But, police arrested him on a charge of felony assault and released him into the custody of his parents. Even the police were surprised at the ferocity of the fight. 'I mean you're trying to detain a guy who is physically larger than you who is just swinging," Blakely said.

School district officials declined an on camera interview but they released a statement that reads in part: "As a result of this incident the student has been suspended in accordance with district policies for student discipline and the teacher has been placed on administrative leave.

One bus driver wonders if the teacher missed the signs that things were about to get physical. "Sometimes you have to see warning signs and not blaming the grownup or the adult for the situation, but you have to see warning signs that a child or an adult is getting hostile," Richard Cosy Jr. said.

When the internal investigation is finished, administrators will decide if the student will be expelled.

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