Chinatown merchants tired of all the construction

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Have you been on Broadway in Chinatown, lately? The ongoing Broadway-Chinatown Streetscape project has been delayed and many businesses say it's hurting them financially.

The improvement project is happening in, what is perhaps, the busiest street in Chinatown. It started in January 2017.

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"It will be completed at the end of May to May 2018. It is a few months behind schedule, says Rachael Gordon, spokesperson for the San Francisco Public Work Department.

Typically construction in older neighborhoods brings unexpected surprises and that's what has caused some of the delays.

But once done it will have a new sewer system and promises to provide a safer and more pleasant walking experience for pedestrians.

The construction here has affected even popular restaurants like Yuet Lee, so very well-known among foodies. The restaurant has been featured on the Travel Channel and too many others to mention.

Even with his signature dishes, the owner, Sam Yu says it's been challenging to bring in clients.

"It's still going on ok, so the business has gone down about 40 percent," claims Yu.

Add to all of this, the massive central subway project which will end here in Chinatown but it starts all the way back here at 4th and King.

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The nearly 2-mile extension will be done by December 2019 after a 12-month delay.

"We've been working with the community in Chinatown and working with merchants and the people there to address their concerns," said Paul Rose, spokesperson for the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority.

While some businesses have been compensated, Sam Yu says the damage has already been done.

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