Bay Area startup brings tech support to your front door

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The week after Christmas can often be the busiest time of the year for tech support. When you hit a snag setting up those gadgets you found under the tree, a local startup can bring the Genius Bar to your front door.

Anthony Garcia arrived at the home of Leoul Samson to deliver him from the evil clutches of a misbehaving Macbook. Garcia works for a startup called Convoy.

Like Uber's one-touch transportation or SpoonRocket's one-touch meals, Convoy brings you one-touch tech support.

"We have people that are Windows specialists, that are Mac specialists, that are Android specialists. We also do data recovery," Convoy CEO Colin Barceloux said.

Barceloux got the idea from his father's tech disaster. "He called Microsoft support. He had tried to go through the Geek Squad and it got so bad to the point where I actually had to fly down to L.A. and actually help him one weekend fix it," he said.

In fact, baby boomers like his dad are among Convoy's biggest customers.

"I didn't grow up with these things like the new generation has," customer Reno Rapagnani said. He found an iPhone and an Apple Watch under the tree.

"You get the gift, it's what you wanted and then of course the next thing is what am I going to do with it and how am I going to set it up?" he said.

That's where Garcia comes in. Appointments cost $139 and last for two hours, a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the Genius Bar.

For most of Convoy's contractors, this is a side job.

It could represent another chapter in the so-called new economy of on-demand employment. "Traditional service jobs are like driving or delivery and the unique thing about Convoy is we're taking that model and we're applying it to tech jobs and white collar jobs," Barceloux said.

It's a model that lets companies grow quickly.

Convoy is live throughout the Bay Area and just launched in Sacramento.

The Monday after Christmas was its busiest day yet.
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