Coronavirus scams spreading fast, exploiting concerns for health and safety

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- More warnings tonight that scams are spreading as fast as coronavirus. One of them caught an ABC7 colleague off guard.

It began with a hack of a friend's Twitter account. It made a scam look like a real way to help health care workers.

Our colleague received what appeared to be a direct message on Twitter from a trusted friend.

It says "masks protect you and your loves" and refers to this website: ""

It claims to offer masks, thermometers, even toilet paper.

Our colleague went to that site and ordered four sets of face masks for $94 dollars.

Later, the friend texted a warning: her Twitter account was hacked. and any direct messages would be from a scammer.

Our colleague went online and found this site was created just two days earlier, a telltale sign it's fake.

The Federal Communications Commission has been warning consumers about a surge in these scams, like robocalls claiming to offer free test kits.

There are no free kits.

Bottom line, you have to be extra-careful about messages related to coronavirus. Even if they seem to come from folks you trust -- hackers are everywhere.

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