Ask Finney: Paying your credit card, incorrect e-mail receipts, travel insurance

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side's Consumer Expert Michael Finney answers your consumer questions.

Question 1:

Marshall asks: For your FICO score, is it better to pay off your credit card in full or leave a small balance in your account every month?

Answer 1:

For your credit score, it doesn't make much difference, as long as you keep your balance below 20 percent of your available credit on each card and over all for all your cards. If you can pay off the balance, do it. It could get you an extra point or two on your credit score and you won't be making interest payments.

Question 2:

Jan asks: I got an e-mail with a receipt from a transportation agency. After checking my credit card account, I don't see the purchase. Should I let them know they sent it to the wrong e-mail address? Or delete it?"

Answer 2:

This is how a lot of scams start. Do not respond to any phone number or email address on the receipt. I would keep the e-mail for record-keeping purposes and keep track of my credit card account, looking for unauthorized charges.

Question 3:

Hazel asks: Would you still recommend buying supplemental travel insurance if you purchased your travel with Chase Sapphire or any specialty travel credit card?

Answer 3:

It depends on your needs and where you are going. Many credit cards offer trip interruption and cancellation insurance, but do not offer medical and evacuation coverage. If you get sick in a country outside the United States, your health insurance usually does not cover you. If you get sick and then need medical transport back to the states, you are generally not covered. So, if you are traveling with in the United States, you are in pretty good shape with the travel protection offered by your credit card. If you are leaving the country, read the small print very carefully and consider buying the additional insurance.

Here is a link with more information on Chase Sapphire's Travel Benefits.
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