Fisher-Price charcuterie board play set sparks backlash for being too 'snooty'

Move over Peloton! Another company has now found itself in social media cross hairs.

A play set from Fisher-Price is stirring up a lot of debate online.

It's called Fisher-Price's "Snacks for Two" charcuterie board.

The toy maker's website says it's for preschoolers aged three and up.

The 15-piece set included fake marble plate, a wood-accented cutting board and real fabric napkins that read "You're Grape" and "Let it Brie."

And one must not forget the faux snacks of salami, cheese, pull-apart grapes and crackers.

Many on social media have attacked the toy set for being snooty, too hipster-ish and too high-brow.

Others defend the toy, calling it cute and something they would have liked as kids - or even now!
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