Fremont Uber Eats driver accused of threatening to stab couple to death

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- A Fremont-based Uber Eats driver is accused of threatening a couple with a knife in a strange altercation.

A couple trying to get into their apartment complex Saturday was unable to because a black Jetta was blocking the gated entrance. And so they honked at the driver.

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Within seconds, the driver, who works exclusively for Uber Eats, reversed and things quickly escalated.

The couple did not want to be identified, fearing retaliation. They said the driver rolled down his window and started spitting at their car. Then he pulled out two long knives and threatened to stab them to death.

He took off but they snapped a photo of his car.

Police tracked down and arrested Emmanuel Balacot a short time later.

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Neighbors, meantime, are worried.

Bipul Mistry said, "We think it's really a safe place but if some Uber driver comes, we think he might be here to pick up someone and we won't suspect him."

Gopala Krishna Nayak said, "It's really scary, it's a gated community, we opted to stay here because it's safer, relatively."

Uber has suspended Balacot, who started driving for the company four months ago.

He's currently out on bail.
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