Man says CPS worker in Ghost Ship warehouse days before fire

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- ABC7 News has learned more about the contacts several different government agencies did, or did not have, at the Ghost Ship warehouse fire leading up to last weekend's deadly fire.

A man did not want his identity revealed for fear of retribution, but he told ABC7 News he worked at the Ghost Ship warehouse, as recently as last Thursday doing security and odd jobs. He says a social worker from Alameda County Child Protective Services was inside the warehouse just days earlier to check on the children of founder Derick Ion Almena.

"Were they upstairs? Downstairs?" asked ABC7's Laura Anthony.

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"They were everywhere. They know how the building looked and they passed them," said the man.

Citing confidentiality, Alameda County CPS would not confirm or deny such a visit.

The man said there was also a small fire inside the building involving a refrigerator last Thursday, one he helped put out.

Almena was concerned about a fire in 2014, one an arsonist one outside the Ghost Ship.

"All we see are flame, just lapping at the windows. I mean your heart just drops," said Almena.

As for fire inspections, ABC7 News has learned that regular inspections, as required by law were not done at the Ghost Ship for at least a decade.

"I don't have an answer to that, that's what we need to look at, look back and find out what happened, what was missed, what information that was not received that caused this not to happen and we don't have that," said Dan Kalb, Oakland City Council.

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