Same BART passenger linked to two Bay Area measles cases

MILLBRAE, Calif. (KGO) -- Two cases of measles on the Peninsula and in Berkeley involve same person, according to San Mateo County health officials.

A person with measles rode BART February 20 from Millbrae to the Civic Center station in San Francisco, possibly exposing 1,500 riders.

San Mateo officials said Friday the measles patient took private transportation from Civic Center BART to a restaurant in Berkeley.

The person dined at La Mediterranee on College Avenue in Berkeley, possibly exposing about 100 diners.

This person's friends and family are aware they have been exposed to measles.

The news has many BART riders concerned.

BART passenger Rochelle Reuter always carries hand sanitizer when she rides BART. "I always tend not to touch a lot when I'm in the train," she said.
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But she knows that won't help against the measles.

San Mateo County health officials say that last Friday, February 20, someone sick with the measles rode BART from Millbrae to San Francisco between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m., exposing as many as 1,500 riders to the virus.

"While the risk of getting measles on BART is low, Bay Area residents should watch for symptoms if they've never had measles or not been vaccinated," explained Dr. Scott Morrow with the San Mateo County Health Department.

Earlier this month, another BART rider with measles exposed fellow riders for three days, traveling from Lafayette to San Francisco.

Reuter didn't ride BART last Friday, but she says she is still stressed out about the exposure.

"A lot of us rely on (BART). It makes us vulnerable to something we shouldn't have to worry about!" said Reuter.

"Everyday I wake up and wonder, should I just drive to work?" said Vincent Brgado, also a BART passenger.

Also, on February 20, Berkeley health officials say a person with measles from San Mateo County had dinner at La Mediteranee restaurant on College Avenue, exposing diners to the virus between 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Health officials want to remind us that getting the measles is preventable.

"The vaccine is safe and with measles being highly contagious, I strongly urge you to get vaccinated," explained Dr. Morrow.

BART rider Rich Rondeau is a Presbyterian Elder. He says he differs to a higher power a high power when it comes to the measles virus.

"I'll see the folks on BART and pray we don't get 'touched," he said.

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