Nine ways to boost your job security

Byby Selena Dehne
Monday, May 25, 2015
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SACRAMENTO (JobJournal) -- Love it or hate it, no one wants to feel petrified that their job is in jeopardy. Even worse, no one wants to feel cozy and confident in their job, only to be suddenly slapped with a pink slip.

It's no wonder that over 60 percent of adult workers rate job security as the most important factor in their employment, according to a survey by the Society of Human Resource Management. With an economy and job market that can become a roller coaster of worry and relief within a matter of months, workers can't always control the factors that could lead to the elimination of their job.

What employees can control, according to Arlene Hirsch, author of Job Search and Career Checklists, is how valuable they are to the workforce.

Someone with a strong skill set and solid work performance would be much harder for an organization to let go. And, in the event of a job loss, a strong skill set will help that person bounce back into the workforce more quickly than others.

Hirsch suggests nine ways employees can ensure their job security stays strong, no matter what turbulent times may bring:

1. Do great work. Although this won't guarantee you will keep your job forever, it will be a source of confidence if you're forced to reenter the job market. Excellent employees typically earn outstanding reputations and are more likely to be helped if they're down and out in their career.

2. Practice kaizen. This Japanese term for a continuous learning mentality means you should never stop developing the skills and expertise to stay ahead of competitors.

3. Be a team player. It can be tough to heed the suggestions and criticisms of others, but the ability to work well and collaborate with co-workers, managers and clients is an essential skill in today's workforce.

4. Never get too comfortable. Don't be paranoid about job loss, but understand that nothing lasts forever. To avoid getting too comfortable in a job, you should strive to begin and end each workday with the same energy and enthusiasm you brought to your first day on the job.

5. Develop a spirit of creativity and innovation. With so much emphasis on gaining a competitive edge, organizations need people with fresh ideas and the courage to share them with others.

6. Know how to job hunt. One of the most secure feelings you can have is knowing that no matter what situation arises, you have the skills and knowhow to find another job if necessary.

7. Expand your network. You can never know too many people. Making acquaintances both inside and outside your industry may create connections that could help advance your career or secure a new job more quickly.

8. Develop supplemental revenue streams. A 401k plan, prudent investments, side businesses, and lucrative hobbies can offer temporary financial support if you were to find yourself without a steady income.

9. Know yourself. Workers who understand what they enjoy doing and what they're best at can direct their energy and focus toward positions where they have the most opportunity to excel, no matter what the economy or job market may bring.

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