'Bachelorette' Katie makes shocking elimination to get to her final 4

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
'Bachelorette' Katie makes shocking elimination
Katie Thurston made a shocking elimination to get to her final 4 on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- This is a make-or-break week for the men's relationships with Katie as she will eliminate three of her seven remaining men, and those four will be guaranteed hometown dates. Katie told Tayshia and Kaitlyn that she doesn't know if she should strengthen her biggest relationships or use the one-on-one time to explore the men she doesn't know as well. Katie said she doesn't yet know who her final four will be.

One-on-One Date with Greg

The date card read, "Greg let's see if this can really work." Greg was stunned that he would get a full day to get to know Katie better, since he hasn't had time like that since week two. They were matching in their green shirts as they met up on a dusty trail outside the hotel. Katie had a mini Pike's Place Market set up for her to share a part of her life in Seattle with Greg. They practiced throwing giant fish and when it was Greg's turn he took down some string lights with his big fish!

They shucked oysters and Katie gagged into a bush. Then they played some football on a little field, since football is huge in Seattle. Greg said that he adores Katie! They sat down afterward and talked about their connection and Greg admitted to Katie that waiting his turn to go on dates with her and dealing with the other men has been tough. Greg told Katie that if she picks him for a hometown date, he would be ready for her to meet his mom.

During the evening portion of the date, Greg talked about his insecurities and how his sister once told him that his insecurity was the most unattractive thing about him. He said although he's had his weak moments, he thinks that Katie is the strongest person he has ever met, and he said, "If we do move forward to next week, I'm really excited to show my family the girl I'm falling in love with." Katie said, "I hope you know how I feel." Why don't you tell us Katie? She told Greg that she's really happy with where their relationship is at and she felt like they really connected. She said, "Those were the words I've been waiting to hear." With that, she offered him the hometown date rose! Then, they turned on a big machine that made it rain, just like in Seattle, and they ran out into it and started kissing!

Group Date Card Arrives

"Justin, Andrew, Blake, Michael A, Brendan, there is an art to love," the group date card read. That meant that Mike was going to get the next one-on-one. Michael also wished he had the one-on-one time before possibly introducing Katie to his son. Brendan took it really, really hard. He was thinking about leaving.

Brendan knocked on Katie's door, put on chapstick, and asked if he could sit down and talk to her. He said that they didn't get to talk during the last group date, and then he got put on this group date, and he just wonders how it could be if they had a real one-on-one date. He also described how his family would welcome her. He was on the verge of tears. Katie stopped him and said that she appreciated how he always goes out of his way for her. "Because of hometowns being next week, I don't know that we could get there in time," Katie told Brendan. She said she didn't think it would be right to make him go through with the date. He also stopped on his way out and said goodbye to a shirtless Blake.

Group Date

Katie met up with Justin, Andrew, Blake, and Michael for a group date. This is the last group date of the season! They viewed some art outdoors that was flowers that looked like a woman's anatomy. Blake said the colors were messy and aggressive on one of the pieces and the artist said that it was a self-portrait. Eek! Then the guys had an easel and had to make their own piece of art. Katie walked by and gave Andrew a real kiss in front of the other men at one point, it was awkward. Michael made a mold of his butt or Katie's butt, it's hard to know what it was. Justin did a comic of sorts that shows their journey. Andrew showed a man eating sushi. Lastly, Blake painted people having relations and there was just a black box over it. Overall, just a silly time.

While the daytime might have been fun, the evening proved that it was time to get serious. There's a date rose on the line for a hometown date. Blake said that he'd like to go first, so Katie took him to talk. Katie told him that it's the easiest with him. Blake said, "I am so in for you right now. I'm not in love right now, but the way it's going it's inevitable." So he's not in love yet, but he feels like it's on the fast track to it. She worries that he's not as far along as some of the other men in his feelings for her and with the process.

Justin painted her a pair of beautiful butterflies that represented their journey and Katie loved it. The dude is talented! She said that she feels like she can really be herself with him. Justin said that things always feel natural with her.

As far as Michael goes, he to told Katie that hometowns are scary for him. He's scared to open his heart again and it's on a fast timeline. "I would never want to force us into something we're not ready for, but if it's us in the end, we'll figure it out," she said. Katie told Michael that life with them would really be a dream. "Know that every time I give you a rose I give one to James," she reminded him. "No one can love you like I can," Michael said.

Andrew talked to Katie about the empty void he anticipates with ending his football career. He said that he's willing to be done to help her follow her dreams. He's nervous and scared about the future. Katie said she just wants to encourage him to keep going. She's giving these guys these perfect answers. Can she really feel that strongly about all of them? Andrew had lights set up that reminded them of their one-on-one date and there was an envelope that said, "I'm falling for you." "I really am," Andrew told her. It was so sweet!

In the end, Katie decided to give the group date rose to Michael! The other guys were devastated.

One-on-One with Mike

Katie met up with Mike who is a gym owner and happens to be a virgin. Katie said she wants to make sure that they can have a physical connection. They met up in the woods where a woman taught them how to cuddle. They learned different positions to hug in. As they giggled, the teacher asked them to breathe in and relax. She thought they were laughing to relieve the awkwardness. Mike found Katie very nurturing. "She reminds me of my mom," he said. They also spoke about his decision to wait, and Katie said she respected it so much. He added in their conversation that he'd rather have his heart broken 100 times than have to break someone else's heart. Aww.

As Mike sat on a bench after their date, Katie walked up and started crying. She told him that while she had an amazing time with him, but she knows she has stronger relationships. He was very gracious in accepting her goodbye. The guys back at the hotel were really shocked as his suitcase got wheeled off.

Rose Ceremony

1) Greg (one-on-one)

2) Michael (group date)

3) Blake

4) Justin

Wow, that meant that Andrew was eliminated. I thought Andrew had a lock on that hometown date! Katie walked him over to a seat by a fireplace and she apologized for letting him go. She told him that she couldn't give him the same 100%, and she couldn't look his mom and sisters in the eye and tell them anything short of the truth. "You deserve more than I can give you," Katie said. Andrew cried, but said, "Just know that I will forever hold you dear in my heart."

Andrew Returns...Briefly

After she said goodbye to Andrew, Katie said that was the first decision she didn't feel fully confident in. The next day, Katie said that she felt a bit better, but she was still questioning her decision. There was a knock at Katie's door and Andrew was there! He said he didn't want to leave on a "not smiling, or not happy note." She told him it wasn't an easy decision. He said he fell for her and it made him feel better to know it was all real. "I'm super proud of you, and just love the woman that you are," Andrew said. He left her with an envelope. Inside was a letter that said, "If you change your mind, I'll be waiting...Andrew."

OMG she ran down the hall and said wait, and then jumped in his arms. This is one confused lady! She asked him if she could get him to stay longer, would he? He said, "But it did happen," meaning the breakup. He said he really wanted to say yes, but he couldn't. "I want my future wife to choose me," he said. "I don't want to go through this again." He had his head on straight for this one. They had one last kiss, and then he drove away.

Next Week

Tayshia tells Katie if you love someone, tell them. So, will she? The hometowns are sure to be full of drama. And also next week, "The Men Tell All!"

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