Job Hunting with Jobina: LinkedIn offers free help to job seekers

Jolie Miller is LinkedIn Learning's director of business and creative content strategy. She's been pouring over the platform's data and has new insights for job seekers.

"What we see as a trend is that there are 150 million jobs in tech alone that are going to open globally in the next five years," Miller said. "So, having some basic tech literacy, knowing excel, how to use your smartphone, being able to set up your LinkedIn profile...those are great skills to get started."

Miller said 2.4 million of those jobs don't require a college degree or previous experience.

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"Those are really easy entry-level jobs and those are in healthcare- being patient screeners, being home health-aids," Miller continued. "Educators, digital content creators. I think a lot of us have spent time on Tik Tok or Youtube looking for entertainment."

Linkedin Learning is offering free courses on how to use the platform and optimize your profile. There's a career explorer tool which helps job seekers see what roles are open and what people did to get their gig. Say you need to brush up on skills or prepare for an interview? There's free help for that as well.

LinkedIn has also created a green "Open to Work" badge that goes on a user's profile photo. It lets recruiters and hiring manager know someone is available to work.

"If you have that badge on your profile, you are two times more likely to get a call back when you apply to something," Miller replied.

Miller told ABC7 News that she's also seen an uptick in diversity expert roles and digital marketing.

"We're here to be dealers of hope in this situation, to really help you through every step of the process and to give you that confidence to get back on your feet," Miller said.

Company: Lambda School
Job: Data Analyst (Remote)
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Duties: Build ETLs and dashboards that make school data accessible to nearly 100+ end customers, etc.
Qualifications: 2-4+ years experience in data analytics, etc.
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