Mark Zuckerbeg's Twitter account briefly hijacked

It appears Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has briefly had his Twitter account hijacked.

Screenshots preserved by the technology website Engadget appeared to show someone using the little-used account to say Zuckerberg was "in the LinkedIn database" and inviting the social media mogul to get in touch. A hacker group took responsibility, claiming it got his password from a LinkedIn leak last month and was testing his security.

Facebook Inc. did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Zuckerberg's account was quickly restored Sunday. How the hack happened hasn't been made public, although a spate of massive data breaches at companies including LinkedIn Corp. has recently given hackers a wealth of password data to work with. Several high profile Twitter users have also been hijacked in recent weeks.

Zuckerberg's name is synonymous with Facebook, but the billionaire has several accounts on rival social networks, including one registered with Google Inc. None appear very active.
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