Ask Finney: Accessing TV channels, dead ants found in bag of chips, unclaimed wages

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Question 1:

Rick asked: I want to buy an LCD TV. I have a cable hookup wire, but no cable or converter box. Can I still get a picture?

Answer 1:

Probably, but it depends on your service. Assuming you are paying for the service, you might be able to get a limited number of channels, including HD, directly from the cable feed. You'll need to connect the coaxial cable to the "antenna/cable" input of the TV. Then, go to the TV menu under "set-up" to find the "channel programming" submenu and select "auto-scan." The TV will automatically detect all available channels.

Question 2:

Marquita from Pittsburg asked: I purchased a bag of chips from a local gas station. I ate half the bag before realizing it was full of dead ants. I am horrified and disgusted. What actions should I take?

Answer 2:

Yuck. Not a pleasant experience for sure Marquita. First, let the gas station know what happened and get your money back. Then contact the Food and Drug Administration. The agency encourages consumers to report any food product issue in a timely manner since it's responsible for making sure foods are safe. Be sure to give the FDA details of what happened, your name and contact info and that of a doctor if you got medical attention. Don't throw the bag away. You'll need it to report codes and identifying marks on the label. A lot of people think they are going to get a big payday in court with something like this, but that is not the case. Courts take in account that these are organic products and insects get to them sometimes.

Question 3:

Preston from Cupertino asked: Where's the most common place people leave unclaimed cash?

Answer 3:

You might think checking and savings accounts, but the number one place is our current and former employers. The California State Controller's Office says people forget to cash their paychecks, especially if they get paid weekly. I am glad you brought this up. This is the time of year when people can use a little extra cash, so it is a good time to check to see if the state is holding on to any of your money. Check the state's website and/or It only takes a couple minutes.
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