NatGeo Explorer Tara Roberts goes 'Into the Depths' to uncover hidden stories of slave shipwrecks

Tara Roberts, the first Black woman Explorer on the cover of National Geographic, shares her story about a life-changing journey.

ByNzinga Blake & Gabriela Cabrera Sarabia OTRC logo
Thursday, February 24, 2022
NatGeo goes 'Into the Depths' to uncover stories of slave shipwrecks
Tara Roberts' life-changing journey gives a voice to millions of forgotten enslaved Africans who died in the Middle Passage during the transatlantic slave trade.

LOS ANGELES -- "Into The Depths" is a six-part podcast featuring National Geographic Storyteller Tara Roberts, who takes us on a journey with the nonprofit organization Diving with A Purpose.

The group is comprised of Black scuba divers who travel around the world searching for and documenting slave shipwrecks. Through her exploration of these shipwrecks, Roberts hopes to shine a light on the individuals who are part of the nonprofit group while honoring the lives and giving a voice to the millions of enslaved Africans who died in the Middle Passage during the transatlantic slave trade.

"We're talking 1.8 million souls. Throughout the podcast, you will hear names being called because these were not faceless people. They were not just a statistic. These were human beings with full lives, with stories, with dreams, with hopes," said Roberts.

See Roberts' full interview with On The Red Carpet in the video player above.

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