Bay Area Cosby accuser disappointed by mistrial ruling

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bill Cosby accuser living in the North Bay reacted to the news that a judge declared a mistrial in the Cosby sex assault case Saturday.

"Watching all this unfold on the news kind of makes me sick to my stomach," Janice Baker-Kinney said.

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Baker-Kinney checked her phone right away Saturday morning wanting to know what jurors decided in Cosby's trial.

"I wasn't too surprised," she said.

She says victims are often victimized again. She says it happened to her.

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Back in 1982 Janice was a 24-year old bartender at Harrah's in Reno. Cosby was performing there, and she says he invited her to a party where she accepted two pills from him. She passed out and she says Cosby sexually assaulted her.

"Even after I was raped I perpetuated the rape culture because I blamed myself," she said.
She felt it was her fault for years before other women began sharing similar stories, giving Janice the courage to come forward.

A New York Magazine recently featured Janice and other women who accuse Cosby of sexual assault. Many of the women have formed a bond.

"People have thanked us for coming forward because it helped them have a voice," Baker-Kinney said.

After sharing her story she heard from other female and male victims of sexual assault.

"No matter what happens with the verdict. Guilty or not, this is the beginning for a lot of us. It's not the end," she said.

Whatever the final outcome, she says the case draws attention to a problem, and that in itself is positive.

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