Convict alleges SF deputy told him to get rid of gun

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco sheriff's deputy accused of mail and wire fraud is now facing a new serious charge. The U.S. Attorney's Office formally charged Deputy April Myres with disposing of a firearm by providing it to a convicted felon.

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The man she's accused of giving a gun, Antoine Fowler, appeared in court Friday.

Myres is back outside. She was released on a secured bond Friday afternoon. Her attorney tells us despite these allegations, she has not done anything illegal. 'For the first time we're hearing how Fowler says he got Myres' weapon, according to his statement to federal agents.'

According to the new complaint filed Friday, Myres is accused of disposing a firearm by giving it to a convicted felon. According to court documents, Myres had an intimate relationship with Fowler in the San Francisco County Jail.

"She did not give that gun to him," said Myres' attorney Tony Tamburello.

She's accused of getting Fowler the gun under the guise of an alleged burglary of her home after he was released.

Myres' attorney questions the credibility of informants in the case. "It's not reliable and it's not something that someone should be convicted on," he said.

"FBI agents, SFPD officers, and San Francisco District Attorney's Office investigators served a search warrant at Myres' home. According to the criminal complaint, they found several items she claimed had been stolen. Investigators say they found Myres' gun in Fowler's car when they arrested him.

He initially denied having it, then told investigators Myres did give it to him with $2,500 to get rid of it because it was fired by someone else at her home in an incident where Fowler's finger was grazed.

Myres' attorney says the two did not have an intimate relationship and that they have been friends for years. He maintains Fowler stole the gun.

"It seems likely he's the one who has it in his possession," said Tamburello.

When asked if he believes Fowler stole it with or without her knowledge Tamburello replied, "Absolutely without her knowledge."

Fowler was not released Friday. Myers was released on a secured bond with conditions she not have contact with certain people, including one of her sons and Fowler himself.
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