San Jose police investigate alleged armed robbery at Santana Row

SAN JOSE (KGO) -- San Jose police are investigating after two women say they were confronted by two men with guns at Santana Row Wednesday night.

One of the women says they finished dinner around 9 p.m. and were walking to their cars, when two men approached them with a gun. She says one had on a bandana and a hat. One guy grabbed her friend's purse and pulled her toward the car. She says her friend initially refused to let go of her purse and the men dragged her across the parking lot in the car. Although she was injured, she says her friend did not go to the hospital.

San Jose police are not giving many details at this time, saying only that they are investigating an armed robbery at Santana Row and the suspects got away in a small white four door car.

Tiffany Tran works at a Santana Row boutique and she often walks to her car alone, late at night.

"That makes me feel really scared to close, especially, when I close I end my shift at 10 p.m., that makes me scared," said Tran.

The woman who was with the victim wants people like Tiffany to be on their guard at night, she says Santana Row isn't as safe as it may seem. Santana Row's property manager did not want to comment.

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