Trouble in Tiburon over trees has neighbors at odds

TIBURON, Calif. (KGO) -- For Tiburon, it's a completely different take on the concept of trouble in paradise -- a disagreement about the value of some very old eucalyptus trees on a knoll.

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Hazel Caldwell is on one side, "Trees are part of nature," she said.

"They're weeds, invasive weeds." Across the street is Ron Hurwin, who speaks for some 200 neighbors that have applied for a permit to remove 42 eucalyptus trees that they call a fire hazard, and replace them with native species.

"Of course, they are not native, but many of us are not native. What is native is a current problem, not only with trees," said 50-year Tiburon resident Reese Jones.

"If these catch fire this entire neighborhood is done," Hurwin added.

Pages and pages of letters and studies from both sides have been submitted to city officials.

"I think the real reason they want the trees out is to improve the views," said Hazel Caldwell, who is is suspicious of a homeowners group so determined to get this done that they have offered to pay for all of the work -- $70,000 worth.

Hurwin calls it, "...a good investment to save your homes from burning down and to keep your kids from getting injured."

"We live here because of the views, but one person cannot have an unobstructed view at the expense of somebody else," Caldwell told ABC7 News.

They will talk it out in a public hearing at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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