CHP makes 168 arrests, recovers 360 stolen cars in Oakland and East Bay

Currently, 72 CHP officers are assigned to the Oakland area.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024
CHP makes 168 arrests, recovers 360 stolen cars in East Bay
CHP makes 168 arrests, recovers 360 stolen cars, and seizes 16 crime-linked firearms in Oakland and across the East Bay.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Startling statistics coming out from the Governor's office this week about the impact a surge of CHP patrols is having on crime in and around Oakland. Cooperation between agencies is making a difference.

Governor Newsom's office said CHP sting operations have led to the arrests of suspects tied to carjacking rings and gangs in Oakland.

In just one month, elevated CHP presence in the Oakland area has led to the arrests of 168 suspects with 360 stolen vehicles recovered and 16 crime-linked firearms successfully seized.

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"Individuals arrested for possession of drugs, guns and stolen property. And people arrested for outstanding warrants that they had," said Officer Andy Barclay with CHP. "This began with that surge that was announced a month ago with a high number of CHP personnel that went into the city of Oakland on city streets, not just on the freeways."

Oakland's mayor reacted on social media, saying "together we are holding criminal groups accountable and disrupting their networks."

Carjackings have nearly doubled in the last four years in Oakland with 113 so far this year; 72 CHP officers are currently assigned to the Oakland area.

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Enhanced cooperation between law enforcement agencies is solving crimes across the East Bay. Monday afternoon, a 2-year-old in the backseat of his mother's car in San Pablo was kidnapped by someone stealing the vehicle on California Ave.

"The mother reported that she had briefly dropped off an item at a family members house when the vehicle was taken with the child still inside," said Peggy Chou, San Pablo police spokesperson.

Word went out to multiple agencies and within 20 minutes the car was recovered in Richmond with the child still buckled inside, unharmed. Oakland police, using pings from the victim's cell phone, were able to zero in on the suspect in Oakland. A pursuit ensued with three women in a car that was stolen from Hayward on March 3. The pursuit ended with the arrest of a 35-year-old woman. Two other women escaped on foot.

San Pablo police are asking for the public's help. The suspect is being detained in Martinez with bail set at $350,000 as she faces kidnapping charges.

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