Oakland teachers get engaged at Glenview Elementary School in front of students, staff

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Oakland teachers get engaged at Glenview Elementary
Two Oakland teachers got engaged in front of all the students and staff at Glenview Elementary during the morning announcements.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Congratulations are in order for two teachers in Oakland! Their love story got the approval of hundreds of students at Glenview Elementary.

Ryan Gilley and Emily Rubin say they were friends at first but found their love during the pandemic -- getting through it together.

In early February, while Rubin was doing the morning announcements in front of the entire school community, Gilley caught her and the staff and students completely by surprise. "He came out with a sign that said 'will you marry me,' and I realized all my kids were very confused because none of them can read yet, so I had to stop and say here's what's happening. And they were like, 'we went to a wedding today!' and I had to say, 'you did not go to a wedding, actually.'"

Rubin said that she was very grateful to share the moment with Glenview.

"I will say that at Glenview, people care about each other a lot, it's a family in a lot of ways,' said Rubin.

Rubin and Gilley will now be the second married couple among staff.

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