Oscars 2021: 'I'm never going to be jaded by this.' Songwriter Diane Warren reflects on 12th Oscar nomination

A positive attitude and loads of talent have helped songwriter Diane Warren stay in the Oscar game for a 12th time.

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Diane Warren's inspirational song earns her 12th Oscar nomination
Songwriter Diane Warren has become one of Oscar's favorite nominees; she's up for her 12th Oscar (and has yet to win) but brings her positive attitude to the red carpet every time.

HOLLYWOOD -- On Oscar Sunday, we'll see someone who's become one of Oscar's favorite nominees - even if she's yet to win that trophy. Songwriter Diane Warren is up for her 12th Oscar, and she's once again enjoying the moment.

"I'm never going to be jaded about this. This is The Oscars," said Warren. "They pick five songs a year. And they chose me. That's a win. But I'd still like to really win!"

Warren's Oscar-nominated song from the Italian film, "The Life Ahead," is in English, called "Seen." She wrote it and powerhouse Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini became co-lyricist since part of the song is in Italian.

"I've been feeling good. This Oscars is on my dad's birthday, you know? My dad would have been 105. He was the first person to ever believe in me. And the song's kind of good," said Warren.

She was inspired by the film's story of a Holocaust survivor, played the Sophia Loren, who takes in a troubled 12-year-old street kid. Diane thought it was a beautiful story.

"I want you to know that you're seen," said Warren. "It's so simple but it's such a beautiful thing to say. It's a beautiful message because just everybody wants to hear that they're seen, don't they?"

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Mom, dad and dogs have all made appearances in Oscar acceptance speeches.

I've been seeing Diane on Oscar's red carpet for years! Sometimes, she'd even grab a selfie on the red carpet. When she spent a day in Bari, Italy, on the set of "The Life Ahead," she had her first meeting with Loren.

"Yeah, yeah. I wanted to get a selfie," said Warren. "She's like, 'I can't do it today. I'm dying. I have no make-up on."

But she eventually got to snap a photo with Loren at the Oscars' Governors Ball.

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