Finalists chosen for SJ City Hall peregrine falcon naming contest

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The contest to name the baby peregrine falcons atop San Jose City Hall is heading into the home stretch.

Three female falcons were born earlier this month. The mother falcon, Clara, has been nesting on top of City Hall for years and now has had 32 babies over the past eight years.

Organizers of the naming contest have narrowed the choices down to nine.

Children ages 5 to 18 who live of go to school in San Jose were eligible to enter the contest by submitting an essay, piece of artwork, song or video.

The finalists are:

    Acionna (Essay): Named after the Roman water goddess. - Nicolas, Grade 7

    Athena (Drawing): Named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom - Derek and Anthony, Grade 4

    Buzo (Video): Spanish word for diver - Stuart, kindergarten

    Dream (Drawing): Inspired by dreaming to be the fastest, bravest and strongest falcon in San Jose - Olivia, Grade 4

    Hunter (Drawing): Named for its excellent hunting skills - Arianna, Marisa, Vyvy, Grade 4

    Sky (Essay): Inspired by the grace, beauty and ever-changing development of the sky - Tiana, Grade 5

    Star (Essay): Inspired for being in 1st place in a race - Pranay, Grade 2

    Titania (Drawing): Inspired by the Titans from Greek mythology - Calvin, Cesar and Kenny, Grade 4

    Vayu (Drawing): Named after the Hindu deity of the winds - Sahana, kindergarten

Click here to cast your vote for your favorite name. The polls close Monday, May 4 at midnight and the results will be announced Tuesday, May 5.
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