Bite-proof vest with spikes designed to protect dogs from coyotes

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado -- It may look like an outfit suited for a heavy-metal band, but a dog owner in Colorado is actually using it to protect her precious pets from coyotes.

She has her dogs wearing vests made of bite-proof material and large spikes.

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They may look 'punk' but the vests could offer life-saving protection in the event of an attack.

"A predator goes for the neck. So a predator is going to bite here, so that's going to be a deterrent immediately because it's spiked," said the owner, Kae Warnock.

She found the vests online for $100 after searching for ways to protect her dogs.

A coyote had already jumped the family's six-foot fence and attacked their cat.

The local sheriff's office said they do not endorse any products but applaud anything that improves pet safety.

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